The idea that you will get worse before you get better is not consistent with our philosophy or experiences at TourBound Gold Academy. We just want you to get better.

     Let’s start with one of the most important aspects of golf: compression of the ball. At least 90 percent of all amateurs don’t compress the golf ball and don’t impart backspin. This is because they don’t know how the wrists move in the swing.

     Most amateurs’ wrists move from side to side when they swing, which is why there is so much deviation in the ball flight—the clubface is opening and closing. If the wrists are hinged properly, the clubface will stay square.

     To eliminate hitting behind the ball, try the following: Put the club in front of the ball on the target side and hinge your wrists, and only your wrists, up to full hinge and then down at a fast pace, slamming the toe of the club into the ground about 10 times. The last one should be to a point of hyperextension with your wrists and elbows, and then carry that movement forward to full extension, pointing the club to the target.