Scot Nei, Robot Winning Combination At TourBound Golf Academy Let’s face facts; over time most baby boomers have replaced their childhood fear of clowns with an even deeper fear of robots. Who, after all, doesn’t get night sweats just contemplating the inevitable day when robots take over our jobs, then our homes, then the world?

     PGA professional Scot W.R. Nei has, for at least the time being, found a way to control robots for the good of mankind. Or, more to the point, for the good of golfers’ handicaps. Nei, who is president and CEO of TourBound Golf Academy at 17 Wabash Avenue just west of Millennium Park in downtown Chicago, purchased a robotic swing trainer last March and finds it to be an incredibly effective device in improving and correcting his students’ swings. “We’ve had LPGA pros and 20-handicappers all raving at how their games improved immediately after working with the robot for only a single session,” says Nei.

     “We feel strongly that the robot is the most advanced golf swing teaching tool in the industry,” Nei adds. “We can program the robot to swing your golf club as if you’re a touring pro.” TourBound Golf Academy offers year ‘round private lessons in both indoor and outdoor training environments. The school is located at the Play 18 indoor golf facility just above the Tilted Kilt restaurant in the Loop. Along with the golf school, Tour 18 provides PGA Tour Simulators, personal driving bays, and luxury amenities, including locker rooms, a full bar and lounge complete with flat-screen TVs.

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