Homer Sotelo
Homer is an authorized Network Stack & Tilt® instructor. He has been trained by Mike Bennet and Andy Plummer on their proven method to a systematic approach to golf instruction. He has designed a swing model on the RoboGolf that will help students feel key positions that will allow for them to have success on the course.
Homer has been teaching golf for the past ten years and has worked alongside several PGA instructors. In addition, he ran several junior summer golf camps for Chicago Public Schools and provided golf instruction for The First Tee of Chicago summer golf camps.
“It is my belief all golfers can rapidly improve their game if they follow a blueprint that they can easily follow. Golfers continue to struggle with their game even after spending countless hours on the range without any solid direction. Most of the time they are working on the wrong components. Many players end up leaving the game. This is why I strongly believe my Stack & Tilt® approach combined with RoboGolf technology will allow for students to be able to quickly produce results.”
“Golf is a game, you should have fun while you play."

Location:  Seattle, WA


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